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Our high-quality shoe whitening cleansing gel can remove dirt and yellow from your shoes, effectively keeping your white sneakers bright and white!

The formula is mild, no damage to the shoe material and surface, safe and harmless.

It is easy to use, no need to adjust the aspect ratio by yourself, and it comes with a pinch mouth, which is easy to operate, evenly spread, and does not stain your hands.

Widely used, it can be used to remove the yellow color of various white shoes, such as shell shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes,  etc.



Capacity: 100ml

Size: as shown


Package Included:

1set × Shoe Whitening Cleansing Gel



The product needs to be used on the white part, and the colored part needs to be covered with a paper mask.

Before operation, use masking tape to paste around the white area to avoid misapplication. If it is applied by mistake, please wash it in time and rinse with water to avoid fading.

Do not mix with other redox agents and cleaning agents.

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